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Hey guys, I’ve been working on my mash-up skillz lately and a lot of people have been saying I’m as good as Girl Talk. They say don’t sleep on Sleepy D, which is my mash-up name as of right now. Check out a preview of an Elliott Smith Remixxx that I’m working on here.

- Sleepy D

Pentimento Release Record For Free After Panic Records Force Band Into Corner


Pentimento are not releasing their debut album via Paper + Plastick Records and Black Numbers today, but they are releasing it for free without any physical distribution. Panic Records, the band’s former label, has continued to threaten to sue the band and those involved with them without apparent right or reason, which has lost the band the support they both needed and expected.

Along with downloading the record for free, the band is asking fans to donate any money they can in replace of paying for the record so they can continue on. Download/donate to the record here and read a lengthy message from the band below by clicking “Read More.”

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I will always back this band!!!

Pentimento Album Details Coming Tomorrow In Wake Of Panic Controversy


Pentimentio will be announcing more details about their album release tomorrow at 1PM EST. The band’s self-titled record was scheduled to be released tomorrow via Paper + Plastick Records / Black Numbers, but we’re not sure what to expect now following Panic Records removing the band’s songs without reason or right from their YouTube channel due to copyright issues. 

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